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To expedite your visit, you may print and fill-out these forms ahead of time. 
If you have forms of your own that require physician review, completion and signature, please forward them to us forms. All forms requiring a physical exam or statement that you are in good health will require an appointment. Please plan ahead and allow for 3 business days for your forms to be completed and returned to you. 
Our Billing Company
Superior Medical Billing Solutions
29885 2nd Street, Unit Q
Lake Elsinore, CA 92532
951-674-4790 phone
951-674-4798 fax
Frequently asked questions
Why am I getting the same invoice over and again, I already paid it?
             We are sorry for this error. Just give us a call and let us know.
Why can't I be invoiced my co-pay amount?
             These days, everyone gets busy and an overdue doctor's bill can easily go forgotten. We want to be here for you when you need us. We gladly accept cash, check and visa card for your convenience.
Can my doctor waive my co-payment? Is there still a things as Professional Courtesy?
             Believe it or not, the business world of health insurance calls that fraud. We thought it ridiculous when we first heard it too.  However, our compliance is necessary to keep the healthcare industry healthy.  If you cannot affort the cost of your health care, please see above hardship resources link for more information or your congress man.
Why do I have to pay before my visit?
            The simple answer is because you forget to do so on your way out. But if you will remember, you can do just that!
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