Primary Medical Care  and  Geriatric Medical Consulting - NAD Medical At Peconic Landing
Geriatric  Physician Consultants 
" Helping you keep your promise...of  caring for your aging loved ones  at      home "

" I  promised  Dad ... that I would not place mom in a nursing home "

Turn  to someone  you can  trust

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 Tel:  (800)  285 - 2133

 You don't have to do this alone ... we can help.

Our  Services

* Thorough review of your medical  conditions: 
   Alzheimer's Dementia, Chronic Pain, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF),        Frequent  Falls, Diabetes, Hypertension,  ETC

Thorough review of your  Medications  and  Supplements- the risk of      drug interaction  increases with  each  new medication

Comprehensive medical plan that  is easy  to follow - to give  you             peace of mind

Second Opinion -  to help put your mind at  ease that you have made the     right decision

Our  consultation fee   $ 395.00  ( please pay before the  full 45  minutes consultation )

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